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Well god damn
me being happy at life
When it rains women, it pours!

holy fuck
me being happy at life
so much to post about!

me being happy at life
Life is good at the moment.

I have a an office in a penthouse floor.
I have a bartending shift.
I'm getting a new place soon.
I have no real ties to anyone, other than professional.
Going to the Han Mu Do seminar in Baton Rouge in 2 weeks.
I have my Aladdin costume ready.
I eat Korean food every 3 days.
I am at a very happy state of mind.
I am making okay money, will be making a lot more soon.
I'm finally ready to be in a relationship, and it makes me feel so happy.
It's such a great thing to wonder who you're going to end up with, nobody down here so far, except this one girl ^_^.
Venture Bros. Season 4 premiered.
I will be a blue belt very soon.
I'm going to party in New Orleans.
My bosses are pretty cool.
It seems more girls flirt with me now.
I got new shoes!
I got new shirts!
i got new jeans!
I'm going to buy a new phone.
I'm still in the system at Ruehl.
I have to find a way to fix an issue with a solution.
i've learned more about myself in the past 3 weeks than I ever have my entire life.
I like being 21, and I like being able to tell immaturity, and point at flaws when people direct them to me.
I can tolerate all ages now.
Lol I got to ride on the back of a motorcycle.
I can deal with my anger better THAN EVER.
I'm still messy, but for a reason.
I won't end up like my mom's attitude.
I'm slowly separating myself from my family, even though they love me, it's just too much.
I'll be there for them, they'll be there for me, end of story.
I got to meet new people.
I have new friends.
I learned what friendship is.

My life is very happy right now, despite the obstacles, looking at my role models, makes me see that in the end, it's all worth it.

I will add to the list next post.

I'm working my ass off.... only 1 day off a week.... but it makes me feel good to know I'm not wasting my life in my apt. doing nothing.

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me being happy at life

Seize to resist, my mind is always at a blank.
me being happy at life
Getting tired of having a different personality every time I talk to someone. Can't I just be quiet and still make the other person feel as if we have closure, without seeming weird, and ignoring them, that way I don't feel incredibly uncomfortable? 

So I think I'm going to bartend for happy hour shifts Wednesdays, and Thursdays, no money, but more experience.

I have been working at Megabite Cyber Cafe lately, making bubble teas, and other assorted goodies, not too much money, but helping out Angels best friend Adam (the owner). 

I honestly haven't updated a meaningful entry (if you will) in a long time, so I guess it's about time I do it, and do it i shall, and I will do it with all lucidity.

Where to start?

I will do it as I often seem to do it, by writing in an incredibly random, and pointless way.


What  a year it has been. My often misfortune has brought me fair, and fare luck. 

Earlier in the year, I dated a girl for a week, before realizing I couldn't really commit to being actually taking the next step, and be in a "relationship".

I got really drunk, and made out with a girl I honestly didn't want to, and the sad thing was, she thought she was "Cool". She started texting after I got a new phone, and started hinting at things, I knew who it was, and ended up telling her if she wasn't "insert random name here" to leave me alone. Leaving Bruno alone and calling me an asshole ensued..........I love people's reactions.

I tend to realize that I really have no emotions, not as an "i'm a waste of life, blah, look at me, I need attention, blah, blah, blah" but more of a I realized why every friendship, or emotion towards anything has often been misunderstood, or looked at the wrong way...because I'm not great with emotions. I feel more pitty for a person, than apathy. It's really becoming a problem. I like to feel different than everyone else, as if by some means of divine self righteousness, I can see can see emotions, and peoples intentions......I would rather spend days alone, than to be in a stewing pit of society....though I know in the end, being lonely, will be the death of me.

I have been working at the bar for some time now, it's great money, and I get to see beautiful girls, but not like that matters anymore, it's not like if I got with one of them, I would want it to fo any further.....and the sad thing is, I get hit on by the gays, which is getting fucking annoying.

Yeah, so I went out last week, hung out with Matt, Andrea, and Lauren at SAS for ladies night, I guess being 21 is alright.

Hmmm....I always seem to lack the need to write in here....guess I'll save the rest for tomorrow, while I'm at work.

Oh yeah, for my 21st, I was backstage with Reel Big FIsh, took em back to the bar along side with Goldfinger. Chilled with them backstage as well, and on stage.

Pictures, I leave you with them.

Lame pictures which describe my pseudo front, which I call : "life";

Ahhh fuck it, too hard to upload the rest form my 21st, the concert, parties, etc

just follow the link here


Anyways....back to a bland though,

So where does it all lead to?
me being happy at life
I find my self, reiterating my life once more.

Wondering if there's someone out there, who feels just like me.

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me being happy at life
will post public again

ever had to knock on wood, and I'm glad I haven't yet, my life is awesome.
me being happy at life
Yes, lately I've been incredibly happy. I can't recall (being honest) the last time I ever felt this happy.

So...where to start...

Let's talk about "work" first/....

Worked at the swingers night at Harrison's wine bar, though it's not me, to be around such a crowd, it was a lot of fun. I'm still an innocent person ^_^. Anyways, the night started off well, just picking up drinks, getting ice. bringing back beers, juice, bottles of alcohol, etc. It was incredibly hard to walk through the huge crowd that was on the dance floor, and in the back area...the back area is twice the size of the bar itself..and it was twice as packed, so that was a little annoying, so I'm hanging out in the back bar with Jason, and then Rich (the owner) comes out, and tells me, "alright Bruno, we need girls for the Wet T-Shirt Contest" Yes,  you read right. So..being me, shy, and embarrassed, I nicely asked the porn stars (which Todd pointed out) if they would like to join, Lo and behold, they did. So they get on the white T's...In front of Jason and me (because we're behind the bar out back) and then, he let's the hose spill out water as if his life depended on it. The girls start to dance around...then two of em drop down on their underwear (the porn stars) then...they get completely topless, now I'm a male, and I have self respect for women, and a sense of decency, but damn it if I'm going to sit here, lie, and say that wasn't awesome. So the night continues, and those same girls, get inside the main bar, and dance on the stripper pole...in their G strings..I think they were thrown more tips than the tip jar that night. We close up about 3, clean up with everyone, it was just Jason, the other two bartenders, me, and Dennis the door guy. We watched some Michael Jackson music videos, drank, and finished cleaning up, left around 4:30, got a pretty sweet pay. Apparently, I had a couple cougars wanting to hook up with me, and offered Todd 50 bucks if they could get me with them..ego booster? not so much, more of a ....hmm... I guess I have it in me, with my boyish young looks to get the older crowd.

The following night, I worked at Now Art, apparently I missed the bar fight between Dan, and some black ghetto guy that stole one of his friends purse. I'm always missing out on the fun there. Anyways, the Royal Caribbean girls came in....oh gosh...I've never met girls as beautiful as them, they're performers on the cruise boats, and they go to Now Art every weekend, ALL OF THEM. Beautiful girls from all over the world, is always a nice thing to be around, again, I'm shy, so it's a bit hard when I walk around, and they wish to dance. I got some fallafels and hummus for a quick break to eat, then met with one of the blond dancers who said she wanted to sit down and talk to me next time she was there, yes! :). Now I'm not big headed, or saying, or making this entry come off as a conceited human being, I'm everything but that, but you know, everyone get's like that when they're happy. Made a couple drinks for some people, and got beers mostly, since I don't know much..YET. Cleaned up when we closed the bar, bartenders came in and chilled, as did the door guy from SAS, drank a brew, then headed home. Oh yeah...when I closed the back area around 3:30...I saw two people back there "grinding" I said hey..can't do that, came back, still doing it, so I turn on the light....then I come back, and I see it's Sam, and Andy (bartenders) I felt like a douche lol. Ahh working there is a bit weird sometime.s.but it's good money.


So..now that story has been told, I've been doing extreme training lately, I run in the morning to the Hanmudo school, then train there with the bag, kicks and punches, run back, then go for the kickboxing class, then an hour after that, the hanmudo class. Master Osio let's me train as much as I want, I have the key and all. I'm really seeming more fit, though I am smaller, again, I am twice as strong, agile, and fast, as I was when I was at 175. I can feel my abs, and I have a line down my stomach now, woot. My arms are slimmer, but with a tone. Having this new found energy, and motivation, makes me incredibly happy. I run to the beach and back, then to the school and back, that's a total of 3.1 miles. Get home, shower, and do it all over again the next day. Got some Hummus, falafel's, hamburgers, and meatballs at Gerard's bar with the girls from Hanmudo, then had some brewskies, and went home (monday)

I've been watching SUR PERU lately, a channel that shows news, and tv shows from Peru, some of them are hilarious, especially since the cause nostalgia, such as "Torbellino", the others are funny, like "Al fondo hay sitio", and "especial de humor" ...now I don't understand fully what they say, but the things I do, ensue hilarity.

So I pretty much went out every night last week, didn't drink too much, met some people, and got on the dance floor, no one seemed to notice that I can't dance...hmm...that's something else I should take up this summer.... anyways, sunday night I went out with Whitney, and her friend, that girl is probably one of the prettiest girls i've ever met, with eyes and all. We ended up bar hopping in downtown, and had a lot of drink, thank god for knowing people, or else that 20 dollar tab at 2 bars, would have been 60 something. We held hands as her friend kept talking to her ex, who wouldn't stop calling her, then decided we're going to dinner this week, should be awesome, she wants me to go to her 4th of July party, but I think I'm working that night..oh well.. still, this week :p.

Ahhh...soo much to write, I'll write the rest tonight, more in depth stories about meeting new people, and about girls....:) My life is awesome right now, I'm doing everything right, and doing it all by the book. I guess having a positive attitude, and always smiling does pay off. Especially after being tossed around emotionally for someone's version of "payback".

Anyways, off to more running!! :D



me being happy at life
Sometimes you look in the mirror, smell the air, and realize how awesome you are, and how awesome life is, even if it still has people trying to bring you down.

<3 life.

people dropped something, their jaws, in awe of my awesome.

Title not available, and I need to learn how to dance.
me being happy at life
Hello there.

Here's been my update since the last post: Went to Las Olas with Andrea, was dead seeing as how it was a sunday night, then went to the beach, was gonna call Shima seeing as how we started up at Beach Place, but since my phone took a shit, and isn't able to receive texts, and lost half my numbers, I wasn't able to. Went to Hooters, had some nasty wings, a couple White Russians (which had too much Bailey's on them) , then got a brew elsewhere. Andea was angry at the waitress, because the wings sucked, and she has a temper, so thank god i cooled that woman down. We ended up walking around the beach, decided we're going back this week to Elbow room, and Rock Bar, then Living Room, and some bar she likes "automatic slims". after wards we went back to Hollywood, she was tired, so she went on her way, I went to Harrison's wine bar, chilled with Todd for a bit., was a slow night for them, so he was chilling outside with me and some other people, got some free beers out of it, woot. Left Harrison's, went to say hi to Mr Gerard, he was closing the bar, but he let me in, we chilled, talked about random shady things in Hollywood, then I left, ended up at Now Art for a beer, then went home. Overall, I spent 4 dollars, they were spent on the Hooters tips, since I paid last time, Andrea decided to pay for everything at ft lauderdale, and the drinks i had back here, were free, seeing as how I work at Harrison's, and Now Art. hung out with Lindsay, at Rainbo cafe, caught up, got some breakfast.

I've noticed that I don't fit in the bar scene, everyone tells me I look way too "innocent" to be working at a bar, and since I lost weight, and are getting slimmer, in a fit way, I look younger. That and there are some severe shady things that happen. Plus, it's in my usual self to9 over analyze everything, and differ myself from everyone.

Yesterday I doubled my training, I'm doing the kick boxing training from my instructor, and the Hanmudo classes as well, which was a bad idea, seeing as how I was testing yesterday 1 hour after kickboxing, to get my orange belt. I have one more text before I get it. For the Kickboxing class, we ran .8 miles, then we did mad cardio, punches with weights, sit ups, and mad aerobics stuff....left me in a ball of pain. I've been notiving more of a "Tone" in my body, which is good, though I may be slim, I prefer it to when i was "bulky".

Last night I was going out with the intention of just getting a burger at Gerard's bar, called up Megan, said she was down, so I go in, and it was pretty stuffed in there, then I see Megan K, and her friend Alyson from NY come in, said they were also meeting Megan & Natasha there, so since there was 6 people, I didn't wanna be the only one eating, we decided to go to Now Art and drink, Megan & Natasha left, got some waters, then said bye bye. Corey has a thing for Megan K, so she went over to the bar, and husstled herself some drinks. Ended up pre gaming over there, each one of us had 2 red death shots, a beer, and a mai tai. Later on after telling the DJ to play some songs, we left, went to Harrison's, before I left, I saw the owner outside of now art having a drink, so i sat down with him, chatted a bit, and just catched up, I'm working there again this friday for swingers night, another packed night...where I can rarely move to get the drinks ,or ice. That's another story, we showed up, Marko was there, he hooked it up with some Margaritas, then we chilled in the Gazebos out back, had some lemon drop shots, and we called it a night.

Eh, so last weekend at the bar kinda sucked, didn't like it too much, but gotta make money. It was empty up until 1 am, then by some series of events, it was packed, and the majority of the people there were girls, good looking ones at that, which brought in more people, so the bar made a lot of money, as did I (seeing as how the majority of them left huge tips).  Worked friday as well, from 12 to 5. made some good money, which has been spent already...I really need to learn how to control my spending. I have money saved up, but I've gotta go full out Jew on my income.

So I know she unblocked me, about 3 weeks back, and still she has not said anything, nor have I. After that call, I decided to stop all emotional thinking of her, which of course, backfired, I guess it's mainly the whole I changed my actions, and she never got see that. All I wanna mention from the last call we had was, she stated aid she has the bf, but he can't make her feel better, YET, because they haven't been together too long, or he doesn't know how to. The worst part last year was she used me as an excuse when something wrong happened, but this was before the last call, I wonder what she's been doing, and if she's even thought of me a bit...I wonder....maybe, maybe not, but as much as i want her out of my head, i don't wanna let go, because that's the last I have of her. Talk about emo right?

Even with the last couple of hook ups i've had, I haven't felt anything similar to that. The closest to that was My manager Lauren, and Ryann, but both of them are in relationships, though Ryann's bf and her are on a break, she stated she liked me, but she's in love with her "bf" Dan. Lauren and I flirted before, and always talked, i've gotten her stuff on certain occasions, we texted each other for a long time, and I always sent her things that made her smile, or say thank you in real life, and for a while, she was the reason I went to work for, talk about a silly crush right? Called her theother day, and caught up, though she is adorable in all aspects, but she is 27, and i decided after the dates I went on throughout 09, I would rather date in my age range, regardless of how good looking the girls were. Though she might be a slight different, I don't think anything would have happened past the texting, gift giving, and flirts.

I still like to differ myself from everyone else, though I am arrogant at time, doesn't mean I'm a full out prick, or hate everyone, I just know what's right and wrong, while most people tend to ignore that, and still join themselves in groups, and start out more problems for everyone else. I still can't get over how immature 3/4 of the people I know are. Sometimes I, well, everyone searches for an escape, but what most people don't realize, the next time something bad happens, and you did escape, you're going to do it again, and again. It's better to stay where you're at, and better what's around you, and ignore people.

P/s ignore the typos.